We stock hundreds of different shapes, sizes, textures and colors.  White, eggshell, beige and gray linens and silks, off-white and natural burlap, as well as black parchment are always in stock.  We have some  colored shades in stock, but tend to custom order colors and trims for you.  Come see our many colorful fabric swatches.  We recommend bringing your lamps, paint colors, fabric swatches and pictures to select the best shades for your rooms.

Retro Drums are stocked in several fabrics and colors, including white and beige linen, natural burlap and black parchment. We also have silk drums and cylinders in several sizes. They can be custom ordered in a variety of fabrics, colors and sizes. Pictured in beige linen with a rolled edge for a clean contemporary look. These drums can update a more traditional lamp. Please bring your lamp to try this versatile shade!


Retro Drum

  • Contemporary or Retro Look
  • Lots of sizes, fabrics, colors in stock
  • Short drums or longer cylinders available

Called a "British Empire", this shape is a shorter, wider version of the classic empire lampshade. Our hardback stock includes burlap, white, beige and gold linen as well as black parchment with gold lining. We also have soft-lined British Empires in white, eggshell or beige linen. They can also be custom ordered in many fabrics, colors and sizes. A nice transition from traditional to a more modern look. Shown in burlap with a rolled edge (no trim). Please remember to bring your lamp for the best fit.


British Empire

  • Transitional, clean look
  • Available in silk, linen or burlap

Retro Rectangles look great on contemporary rectangular or square lamps. We have them in white (shown) and beige linen in a variety of sizes. With a rolled edge (no trim), they have a very modern look. Don't forget to bring your lamp for the best fit.


Retro Rectangle

  • Great on contemporary rectangular or square lamps
  • Stocked in white or beige linen


Regular Soft Bell

  • Classic, graceful lampshades
  • Complement lamps with curves
  • In formal silk or more casual linens with soft lining


Regular Empire

  • Versatile round lampshade
  • Straight sides, are more tailored than bells
  • Formal silk or more casual linen, soft or hard linings


Soft Oval Bell

  • Ovals save space
  • Available in several styles, both traditional and contemporary


Cut Corner Rectangle

  • Another space saver
  • Great on rectangular lamps
  • Many to try in stock


Retro Oval

  • Fun new shape
  • Top and bottom are the same size, but curved


Square Bell

  • Works well on square lamps
  • Great-looking in silk, linen or black parchment with gold foil lining