Need More Light?

Need more light from your lamps?  Just changing bulbs may not be enough.  Turn your lampshades over and look inside. Hard-backed lampshades can darken with age.  Pictured below is a lampshade with an old dark lining.  Even though the exterior of the shade looks okay, the dark lining reduces the light coming through it.  Below the old shade is[…]

Shop Local

With the convenience of online shopping, why should I get out and shop local?  Online shopping is so easy today and it’s projected to grow dramatically over the next 5 years.  Online shopping is great when you can’t find an item locally, or to research a variety of product options and compare prices. Local retailers provide superior customer[…]

Why Bring My Lamps?

Customers often ask “Why should I bring my lamps”?  We know bringing lamps can be cumbersome and risky, especially floor lamps and fragile glass or porcelain lamps.  But it’s almost always best for several reasons. Suppose you have had the same lampshades for 10 years or more.  Do you want the same shades again?  We can usually[…]

Love Your Lamp, Hate Your Shade?

If you love you lamp but hate your shade, consider replacing the lampshade. Shades can transform a lamp into a beautiful new accessory for any room, possibly even becoming the focal point. Consider this traditional brass lamp, with an old, dusty, pleated shade: The antique brass lamp is a classic urn shape, but the shade[…]

Seeing Lampshades Is Best!

Online shopping has its advantages.  But there’s nothing like the visual experience of walking into a lampshade store with your lamps and seeing several new and different shades on them.  Fresh, new lampshades transform lamps, especially when lit.  You don’t buy shades very often, but you live with them for a long time.  So before you buy[…]